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***This is an old website, please click here to see an updated selection of our maps and accessories.***

You have traveled the world or know someone who has. Now it is time to remember all those world travels and show graphically all the cool places you have been. You need more than just a world or US map. You need a personalized world map mounted on foam core (think cork) that will allow you to stick pins in the map. It needs to look decorative in your home or office and not cost you the world. Travels as extensive as yours need a good size map to show the variety of locations.  Furthermore, this map needs to arrive at  your door well protected from all the potential harm of the shipping process. If you want a "no-hassle" way to get everything you need including the web's largest variety of world maps and pins, then you have come to right place. Just click on any of the maps below.

***This is an old website, please click here to see an updated selection of our maps and accessories.***

Large Antique look map by Kappa with old-fashioned projection The classic world map lends itself to colored pins because the country backgraonds are bascally white mounted or framed Rand Classic Map THe web's largest pin selection
•Framed Antique Look by Kappa
•Classic National Geographic
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•Antique look but up-to-date
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Choose from map pins and map flags in 30 different colors and shapes.
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These Martin Mounts are terrific but we also offer many of these maps in our top-of-the-line  mahogany framed maps
National Geo's world Executive map. Rand's M-Series World Map with blue ocean This colorful is our favorite world map because the text is larger and easy to read. The vivid colors help the mountain shading stand out
•National Geo Executive
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•Rand-McNally M-Series
Get the framed version
•TerraNova Best World Map
Get the framed version

***This is an old website, please click here to see an updated selection of our maps and accessories.***

Learn more about our unique Martin Mount map mounting system. It's less expensive than a full frame and still looks great. You can also get an inexpensive world travels map insignia (when you order the map in the MM or .F (framed) configuration) on the map with your name on it. Create a personalized world map just for you. Put your names in the comments section of our shopping cart and add the "Insignia" option . That way we can personalize your World Travels Map, or your US Travels Map.  We send a copy of the insignia to you for your approval before we finish your custom map. Additionally, you can choose from our wide variety of pins in the links of this page. We make these maps to order so it usually takes about a week before we can ship one.  We now offer Free Freight on all orders over $150.

The Map Shop is proud to have the largest selection of wall maps on the internet. These wall maps can be used to make design statements and provide practical reference. They come in varied geography, styles, and sizes and come in a variety of finishing options – from paper maps, laminated maps, mounted maps, framed maps and spring roller maps. All of our maps are finished by-hand using high-quality materials at our Shop in Charlotte, NC. Buy a traditional road map help your business make an important decision, or buy an interactive scratch map to plot your travels and decorate your space. All maps can be laminated and used with dry-erase markers or mounted on foam core, which allows you to use map pins to mark the map. Click the categories below to explore. If you don’t see the map you’re looking for, click here to contact us. If we don’t have it, our cartographers on staff can make it for you.

We can create a personalized map from any one of the maps pictured above. We also have scratch-off maps to mark your travels.