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School Maps We have been making and sellling maps for schools for well over 10 years now. As yu can see from the buttons on the left, we have a dizzying array of maps to offer almost any educator. From the college professor to the elementary home-school teacher. We have a map for you. Our spring rollers are definitely classroom grade and designed to last for years of punishing use.

But you may not know we offer some things our competitors don't touch.

First and foremost, we are mapmakers, not just map sellers. That means you can get us to create a custom map that will address the unique needs of your curriculum and assuming you need 3 or more of the same map, get them for the same price as an off-the-shelf classroom map. Second is our customer service. Sure, you can order on-line. There are add-to-cart buttons all over this site. But if you have a queston about a school map and need help, just call us at 800-532-6675 and a person will answer, not a machine.

Third and finally is our pricing. The maps we offer are comparable or superior to what you'll find from traditional classroom map vendors. But we challenge you to compare prices before you buy. We can certainly save your district or PTA a lot of money.


What's the difference between a school map and a business map? It took me a couple years to discern the sometimes, subtle difference. But's here's a list based on my experience:

1. It's almost always big. You can't see a 3 by 2ft map in the back of a class. Although there's an exception for early elemtary that often uses placemat size maps because the instruction is much more personal

2. The text / type on the map is always larger. This gets back to point #1. You have to be able to see the map

3. The colors should never be subtle or a light pastel. They have to grab the student's attention

4. They are usually on a spring-roller which adds significantly to the cost

5. They are usually single purpose. A map that trys to cover too many concepts ends up losing them all


OK, here's another question we're often asked. My principal took away my classroom maps because I have a Smartboard. But I miss my pull down maps. What do I say to my principal? There's nothing like having a Smartboard in your classroom. And we'd advise giving up almost anything to get one, but... You've heard the old cliche about the teachable moment. And nothing can replace a wall map as a way to quickly, on the spur of the moment, point to where something you're discussing has happened.


Do you want to really save some money on maps? Then take a good look at our digital map solution, the eMapshop. Just like regular pull-down maps, you buy it once and keep it forever. And on a per-student basis, it's much less expensive than a traditional spring roller map for the classroom; yet they still have the ease and simplicity of a spring-roller map.