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Custom Maps for Delivery:

Delivery maps are a unique group of custom maps because they have a neighborhood focus. Their goal is to group and route deliveries as quickly as possible all while making it easy for a new driver to find a given address. In addition, they are needed in an urban area where multiple stores exist to clearly delineate a given stores delivery area. The same type of map is used by congregations to picture the coverage of a particular congregation and prayer groups within that congregation. Just click on a map in this gallery to see the BIG picture. That big picture while not the full map size will really give you a good view of the map.

Pizza Delivery Map Example Rural Congregation Map Example Congregation Map in an urban area
Pizza Delivery with sectors Jehovah's Witness Congregation Map in a rural area Urban Congregation

Whether you're delivering pizza, or the good news of the gospel, it's the same type of map.