Wall Map Mounting Rails

   Need a way to hang your map as soon as you get it?  We recommend "Rails", walnut-grained molding that we permanently attach to the top and bottom of your laminated map. The top rail has 2 eye-hooks so that your map is ready to hang up after you put a couple of nails or L-hooks in the wall. The bottom rail gives some weight so that the map hangs nicely and it has a finished look too. Rails are a less expensive alternative to framing in that they give a similar effect at less the half the cost. For the large  maps we sell,  the cost for a pair of rails is much less than the cost to frame it.  Railed maps are carefully rolled and shipped in sturdy tubes. Click here to see another great example of how rails dress up a map. Many of the State and City wall maps come standard with brown plastic rails from the factory. All the maps we finish come with our exclusive walnut-grained rails. Maps over 60 inches take rails one-and-a-half inches thick like the map shown below. The smaller maps all get 1 inch rails. We have several other map mounting options.  The rails are selectable as an option when you add the map you have chosen to our shopping cart system. We can not sell them separately as they require our expert installation.  The picture below shows the National Geographic Executive with rails. Currently our shopping cart gives you 3 choices of rail width. Just choose the correct rail based on the width of the map you're buying. The rails are priced separately based on the width.

  Add Rails for maps 10 to 40 inches wide ($28)
  Add Rails for maps 41 to 60 inches wide ($38)
  Add Rails for maps 61 to 84 inches wide. ($48)

When you add rails to your order it will add to the shipping cost because we can no longer roll your maps "the short way".

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Please note: We add the the rails to your map in our workroom. They are cut to length, glued and screwed on to your map. Therefore we DO NOT sell the rails by themselves. Do not add them to the cart without adding the map on to which you want the rails mounted.

With the exception of NOAA charts, raised relief maps and Tyvek maps, we only mount the rails on laminated maps. Don't add a "paper only" map to the cart and ask us to mount rails on it. It will will not support the weight of the rails.

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