Bible Map Set. This map set contains all 8 of the maps shown below on one sturdy flip-rack and tripod.    All the maps are either 39 by 26 or 26 by 39 depending on the biblical geography they are trying to show. The shaded relief on these map really aids the understanding of students to Bible stories. The large print on these bible maps is big enough for an entire class to see the are you are studying. The maps are available individually too. Just move your mouse over a map and it will tell your the map title. Click on the map to see a bigger picture. . 

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The Prophets and the Exile

Pauls Journeys through the Roman Empire

Israel's settlements in Canaan

Jerusalem in the Old Testament with Solomon's temple side by side with Jerusalem in Jesus' time
Ancient Near East before the Exodus

The Exodus - Moses route

The United Monarchy full Kingdom of Israel Palestine in the time of Jesus