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***This is an old website, please click here to see an updated selection of Bible Maps***

Here is our new  Bible maps gallery. They range in time from a current map by National Geographic that compares biblical events with current cities and countries to bible maps that focus on a particular time period of the Old or New Testament. These biblical maps are terrific for teaching Sunday school and they are all in English. They help relate the bible to current geography. This series of interesting maps covers the political landscape of Palestine from the Old Testament to today's Palestinian conflict.  To see a map just click on it. You will see pricing & availability and access our shopping cart system. Or if you have any questions you can contact us at 800-532-6675.

***This is an old website, please click here to see an updated selection of Bible Maps***
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The United Monarchy and the Kingdom of Israel
United Monarchy

Palestine in Jesus' Time
Map of Palestine in Jesus time
Bible lands as they appeared before the  Exodus
Before Exodus - Early times
Side by Side comparison of Jerusalem in the time of David and Solomon versus in the time of Jesus
Jerusalem Old Testament vs New Testament Side by Side

Map of Moses' route in the Exodus
The Exodus - Moses' Route

Expanded and revised map of Paul's Journeys
Enlarged Pauls Journeys


Israel in 1000BC
The Kingdom of Israel in 1000BC (printed 51 by 36in)

Roman Palestine
Roman Palestine in the time of Christ (printed 51 by 36in)

8 large bible maps on one tripod with a flip rack
8 Map Set on a tripod

Series of books and software that overlays bible maps with today's geography
See our series of  Maps that overlay bible maps Then and now with today's political geography. Available in both book and digital formats

New Testament Jerusalem
New Testament Jerusalem 51x42in

Spread of Christianity
Spread of Christianity (36 x 51in.)

Paul Journeys and Palestine in the time of Jesus over 6 feet wide!
Pauls Journeys in a 6 foot size
Days of the Assyrian Empire and the Prophets
This new series measures 26 by 39.5 inches showing Assyria and Babylon

All of Israel's Settlements in Ancient Canaan
Settlements in Canaan

Current map with ancient sites noted on it
Holy Lands Today


Prophets and the Exile

Bible Lands today with current political geography overlaid on sites of Old and New Testament history
This one is currently out of print. We suggest Holy Lands Today instead


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We carry a large selection of bible maps that compliment your bible study. Really nothing (other than divine inspiration) helps bring home Bible stories like just the right maps. They help relate the stories to physical places and show the spatial relationships. These connections deepen your understanding and connection to the stories. Buy a map of the entire Bible Lands for a high-level view and get more detail with a map of Paul’s journey or Jerusalem at the time of David & Solomon. We’re proud to have this special section that will help you picture what you read in the bible. Knowing the “where” of bible events makes it more relatable and makes you feel like a part of it. Our bible maps are presented in an easy-to-read format are available laminated so you can mark on it and mounted on foam core, so you can add map pins.

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