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US Map by Imus

This map beat out National Geographic for the first time in many years. The quality of the text placement, the high level of detail and the subtle use of color all work together to make this map a real winner. This map rises to the top in a very crowded field of excellent maps, including our Terra Grande map. Click on the close-up link and you'll see what we mean. See a close-up around Pennsylvania. See the Framed IMUS map. See what Dave Imus, the map's creator has to say about it. This map comes to you fully laminated.

itemID Description Price OnHand Buy
IMUSUS USA Map Imus 35x50 $44.99 24
IMUSUS.F Imus US 35x50 Mocha Walnut Finish Frame $239.99 0 Buy the 2 x 3 foot size

You can add rails or foam-core mounting in the shopping cart. This map was chosen as map of the week 1/28/14 because of its' innovative and careful design. The map includes such easy-to-read detail, it is easily our favorite map. Note that this map also has the Martin Mount option. Still good for pins, not as expensive as a frame.

US wall map by Imus
Here's a close up around Pennsylvania.. go to Top of Page

Pennsylvania close up of the Imus US map
Here's what the this map's creator has to say about it:

With this all-new map, I tried to make America's geography more understandable and interesting by portraying our country with unique clarity that lets you simultaneously see everything from state boundaries and cities to mountain ranges and rivers, thus giving you the opportunity to make the spatial associations necessary for geographic understanding.

By depicting hundreds of iconic Amerian places and landmarks that other maps of this kind overlook - the Statue of Liberty, Navajo Nation, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, The Alamo, and Historic Route 66, to name just five - this map also allows you to find many personal connections to this endlessly fascinating place we call "home".

I hope The Essential Geography of the United States of America will provide you with years of discovery as you use it to "explore" our country from the comfort of your home, place of work, or classroom.

Spread it out anywhere the light is good and enjoy a clear view of the USA.

Dave Imus, Cartographer
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