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Framed World Maps

These maps are what we consider the best of the best. We wanted to make the point that the map is more important than the frame. And these are our top world maps.These elegant frames are a welcome addition to any room. Add to that, only the finest maps of our collection and you'll see why these framed maps are such a great value. All these maps come with a laminated surface so you write on them with a dry erase marker and wipe it off. They are mounted on foam core so you can easily stick map pins in the map. We make these maps up on demand, so please give us a few days to prepare them for shipment and to build a crate.

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Classic Rand-McNally with frameThis is really popular with decorators because of its' enlarged size (50 x 32") and Old World Map look Terra Nova style World Map with FrameThis is the map people like best when they come in our shop. National Geographic World Executive with frame This is the National Geographic Executive World map.it also comes in two sizes

Classic Rand World

Large Type Map

Executive Map

Rand's M-Seris World map in a mocha walnut grained frameThis one is the same cartography as the Classic World above but with modern coloring Our unique and elegant Terrain map in a mocha walnut grained framehighlights the physical features as if taken from Space National Geographic's classic world map framedClassic Nat Geo World just like the ones that used to come in their magazine

Rand M-Series Map

Terrain World Map

Classic World Map

Antique World Map

To the left you'll see our large Antique World Map in a room setting. It's designed from the beginning to look like an antique map. From it's parchment-look oceans to it's Mercator projection; this has the look of a world map from the 1700's. Yet on close inspection, you'll see that it's got all the up-to-date country names and boundaries.
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Framed World Turner This is a great choice between our Classic Rand and our Large Type map.

World Map Subtle Colors

It's easy to read but it still has an Old World look about it.
add a personalized insignia at the bottom of your framed map for only $2

Here's why this page can be helpful, these maps are some of the best available. If you're going to this much trouble, spend more time picking out the map, not the frame. All the maps above with a sepia toned ocean are intended to give an "antique" appearance, Yet even though they look old, they have the latest cartogphy. For example, everything on this page includes the new African country of South Sudan.
Here's another consideration. When you buy a framed map from us, it comes in a special hand-made crate to protect it during shipping. We designed it so that all you have to do is remove 5 screws and your map slides out of the crate, in pristine condition, ready to hang. See the map crates we use to ship these to you to assure they arrive un-damaged