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Haiti and the Dominican Republic Wall Map This is actually a map of the island of Hispaniola, but nobody every seems to call it that. The island contains two sovereign nations; Haiti and the Dominican Republic. There are a few things that set this map apart. First, it covers the whole island with detailed cities and roads. Second, and perhaps most unique, the map shows the names and boundaries of individual provinces within both countries. The multi-color for each province helps them stand out. If you're doing relief work in Haiti, this map is sure to please your group. Put a dot for each project to show everybody where your efforts are taking place. When planning a relief project, you'll be able to see nearby water resources and the topography of the area. See a Close-up

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COMHAITIREF Wall Reference Map of Haiti and Dominican Republic - 60 x 48 in. COMHAITIREF 2 99 add this map to your shopping cart

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