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Let's talk about finishing options. There are a lot of ways to hang a map on the wall. You can put it up like wall paper. (see the mural maps in the World Wall Map section). You can frame it in a metal frame, The frame helps protect the map but makes it hard to transport. We carry framed maps but we are extra careful when we ship them. It is difficult to pack them strong enough to survive the shipping companies. When we ship a framed map, we crate it first.Framed World Maps

Most mounted or framed maps ship at no charge. We like to laminate the wall map and connect it through our exclusive system of screws and glues to walnut-grained strips. This is the finishing option we call "rails". These make the map look elegant and still allow it to be rolled up for transport. You can still mark locations on the map by using sticker dots instead of pins. Shipping charges are calculated in the shopping cart. But, most mounted and framed maps have free freight. . Be sure to see a map that will show you how long your order will take to arrive.  We can  custom make maps to your specification.

Our Map of the Year is Turner's Antique-Look World Map. This is a great gift for world travelers. We even have the option of mounting and framing it..

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Our collection of Wall maps contains a broad selection of the best map publishers like Nat Geo our Unique Media. Just call us at 800-532-6675 if you need assistance or just want personal service.

The Map Shop is the world’s best resource for maps and travel products. We carry products that represent the places that are most important to our customers along with the tools to help them get there. Wall mapstravel mapsnautical chartsglobesflagstopographic mapsraised relief mapsmap pinstravel guidesgeography bookstravel accessories, and more! If we don’t already carry the perfect map for you, we can make it. We offer custom cartography services for both businesses and home decor. Contact us if we can help.

This page is the "auxiliary" page to our main home page at mapshop.com. This page is still viable because this is where we can show maps that don't have to be "mobile friendly" for Google's sake. This is where we can have larger blow-ups of wall maps. But meanwhile, you can always go back to mapshop.com for our main site... especially if you're wanting to look at our maps on a smartphone.