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800-532-6675 These maps may also be available in paper at a reduced price. If it's not shown as one of the options, call us to check on that. Also, please know that we go to great lengths to protect your map when we ship it. Maps that can be rolled come in thick walled triangular tubes. Mounted Maps come in sturdy custom crates .


World Maps for Children

There's no better gift for your students, children or grandkids than to give them the World. And over the years we've reviewed lot's of maps for our own kids. The children can visualize the world so much better when they have a map in front of them. The maps below are organized in age appropriate order. Don't forget, make Geography fun by adding stickers to the mix. There's no better way to relate a point on the map to a story or travel plan..

Early Childhood World Map

Highly detailed Illustrated Map
Simple world map click here for large picture, price and add to cart button 

Children's Map (ages 3 ~ 5)

  Children's Map (8 ~ 12) Simple World Map ages 9+

This world map has bumps to show mountains. It's a great child pleaser and educational too
3-D with raised mountains

inexpensive world map  Wall Map designed for Home Schoolers Early Elementary Classroom Map
Raised Relief by Rand

Inexpensive Rand ages 11+

Nat Geo Educator ages 10+ 

Classroom World Map ages 5~8

These maps come laminated unless otherwise specified. You can write on them with a dry erase marker and wipe it off with a paper towel. If you want them to be a little more permanent, order them with our hanging rails option. Look at the Children's Map 5 ~ 8 above to see an example of a map on the wall with the hanging rails at the top and bottom.