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Unusual World Maps

The maps on this page are all great maps for a particular purpose. Most have either a unique decorating theme. Many of these world map are suited to a particular purpose. Some focus on the Earth's physical features; others help depict its population or relative landmass of its continents. Large and small, The Map Shop has them all. Don't forget, all these maps come standard with a laminated finish.

National Geographic's purely physical world map with space imaging enhancement
Upside Down Map of the world with interesting world projections at the bottom

world at night showing illuminated cities from space

 this map shows the world from space

National Geo Physical

Upside Down World Map

World at Night

World from Space

This world map has bumps to show mountains. It's a great child pleaser and educational too
3-D with raised mountains

Kappa Signature Antique-look world map  Simple world map click here for large picture, price and add to cart button Roll-up world maps in a classroom style, but good for any environment where the maps need to be on a spring roller
Raised Relief by Rand

Antique look,

Simple World Map 

Classroom World Maps LARGE

the peters projection world map shows continents with correctly proportioned areas world map showing colored elevations and topography mouse pad that is also a world map with a non-skid finish world map showing countries in relative size to their population
Peters Projection Geophysical World Map

World  map mouse pad

World Population Map
World Mural Pacific Centered with wonders along the bottom
Measures 3 by 6 feet!
Pacific centered World Map

map of the world's oceans
Measures 3 by 6 feet!

 World Map with Country Flags

Pacific Centered World Mural

Pacific Centered World

World Ocean Map

 Terra Nova with country flags
Scratch off map Wedding Map World Scratch-off map with black ocean  
World Scratch-off Map Personalized Wedding Map World Scratch-off Deluxe  

One final consideration is the ocean color. The more decorative maps all tend to have a beige/sepia/parchment colored ocean. This may be important to you if your priority is decoration instead of reference. Remember, the world is 73% water covered. So therefore 73 percent of your map will be the same color. My experience is that Decorators like the sepia oceans, travelers and adventurers like the blue ocean maps..