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Pizza Delivery Map

Here is sample cartography from The Map Shop''s Pizza Map Series Its standard size is  44" high by 36" long but it can be any size you want. The store manager defines the boundaries. We will assist with the sub-zones, also called pods or sectors.  The example below is for Pizza Hut. They prefer irregularly shaped delivery zones. The standard delivery map that we do for Domino's and Papa John's ranges anywhere from $300 to $450. We keep your map on file by store number and future updates can be had for less than half price. These pizza maps come fully laminated so they are sauce and grease proof. They come with their own index book and optional driver's street atlas that is copy-able at the store level and ties in with the wall map. We can also install our optional rails on this map to make it easy to hang.  We can make these maps 6 feet wide if necessary but there is an extra charge for oversize. Call us at 800-532-6675 to order. Ask for Steve Marek or Ben Watkins, our Pizza Map experts.
See a comparison with a competitor's Map See a close-up of our map


Pizza Delivery Map Example

  Here is a less expensive competitor's pizza map. Return to the top of the page
Yes there is a difference between Pizza Delivery maps. The map shown to the left is from our competitor. You can have a map like this for about half what we charge. And frankly, if yours is a low volume store in an area that has had little or no growth/changes in streets, this might be a good option for you. But.. compare this close up with a close up from the above map. Here are some things you will notice. First is the legibility of the street names. Each street is checked by hand. Theirs are placed 100% by computer. The result is that they have to use smaller, almost illegible text and you will have to tolerate some overlap of names. This makes some street names impossible to read. Second is how current the map is. Our competitors make their maps using a national street database. We make ours from a variety of sources that provide only the latest data. And by the way, we're not too proud to take input from your drivers and add that to the map too. The competitor's map is even missing a section of interstate that had been open a year at the time the map was delivered. Third, and maybe most important is the index grid. Putting a grid like this on a map is quick and inexpensive, but it sure won't help you group tickets for your drivers when orders are coming in at 4-a-minute on a Friday night. Our intelligent grid system has been field proven to reduce delivery time. Your drivers will spend less time in front of the map scratching their heads and deliver more pizza. Our ability to integrate with corporate in-store systems means that your delivery tickets will print with our intelligent grid system from day one.
Here is a close up from our map shown at the top of the page. Return to the top of page.

Good Pizza Map close-up