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Custom Maps for:

Here is sample cartography from The Map Shop Jehovah's Witness Congregation Map Series. Its standard size is  44" high by 36" long but it can be any size you want.  This example happens to be a very long narrow territory. This map  shows how we depict the prayer areas within the congregation. Here's how it works. A leader from the congregation defines the boundaries for us on a rough paper map. Then we make the full-blown map for the congregation.The standard delivery map that we do for most congregations is $600+. It comes fully laminated. They come with their own index book and a jpeg or PDF file you can cut and print for individual zones. More importantly, we also provide the index in an Excel spreadsheet sorted by prayer zones.  This way the congregation can easily make separate prayer cards for each zone with a map blow-up and a list of the streets in that area.  We can make these maps 6 feet wide if necessary but there is an extra charge for oversize. Call us at 800-532-6675 to order. Ask for Steve Marek, our Congregational map expert. We keep a digital copy of each map project so we can update and reprint your map on request. An update and reprint is only $250. Double click anywhere on the map to zoom in. You'll see it has important points of interest also shown on the map like schools.