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Japanese Antique World Map 1785 The world tends to think of Dutch, English and Italian cartographers when it comes to antique world maps. Here's a great example from a Japanese cartographer. The really unusual thing about this map is the projection. Note the oval presentation and the accuracy of the relative size of the continents. This method didn't become common until the 20th century when Nat. Geo adopted the Winkel Tripel projection. The obvious thing about this map is that it's centered in Japan. The standard size for this map is shown below, but on special request we can print it smaller or larger for a $50 setup fee.. We just can't change the proportions. Call us at 800-532-6675 to request a special size..

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ANTNAGAWORLD Antique World - Nagakubo 1785 - 42x24.5 - Japan Centered 0 39.99 add this map to your shopping cart