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Antique Map of Mecklenburg County

We are so very proud to have restored this map of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County to its former glory. Its our home county and folks often ask us in the store if we have any antique maps of Charlotte. Now we do. Our plotter carefully reproduces each and every hand stroke from this classic old map. You can also get this map mounted and framed. It comes in an elegant mahogany frame. Here's an example of some framed world maps in the same frame.

itemID Description Price OnHand Buy
ANTMECK1911.M Antique Mecklenburg 1911 - 28x36 $43.99 0
ANTMECK1911.L Antique Mecklenburg 1911 - 36x46 $59.99 0 Buy the 2 x 3 foot size

antique map of Mecklenburg County NC

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