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Simple World Map

This simple map shows countries, major world cities, shaded elevation and latitude/longitude lines. This world map is a great way for home-schoolers to learn absolute positioning by latitude and longitude. Without the clutter of other maps.   The price includes lamination. Optionally, you can mount walnut-grained rails shown in the picture below in your shopping cart to give it the professional appearance shown below.         Read reviews  See the Classroom version of this simple world map on spring rollers. Our best offering has this map available as a mounted and ready for push pin 

itemID Description Price OnHand Buy
9780762569526 World Rolled 40x28in 9780762569526 $16.99 15
9780762569526MM Simple World 40x28 Martin Mount $89.99 1 Buy the 2 x 3 foot size

See the Martin Mount option to the left..

Roll your mouse over the map to see a close-up.

Simple World Map

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