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Here is a close-up showing the special insignia we will create for your personalized World map. The center color will be changed to match the color of the ocean on the map you buy. There are only two colors, this blue for blue ocean maps and a sepia color for antique ocean maps. We do not offer custom designed insignias.  We only put this insignia on our Martin Mount maps and our framed World Maps. It is not available on our non-mounted, laminated maps. The wording is just what you see below. The only thing we change are the names. If you are using 2 colors of pins, stick a pin in this insignia next to the person's name that will use that color. That way you have a legend too!  When you order a Martin Mount or framed map on our world travels page, be sure to add the INSIGNIA option at the bottom of the cart screen. It's only $2 and it confirms to us that you do want the insignia on your map. Then put your names for this insignia in the comments of the shopping cart. When we receive your order, we'll make the insignia and email it to you for wording and spelling approval.  We now offer Free Freight on all orders over $150.   Go back to World Travels

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Personalized insignia to go your your very own world travels mape shows all people in caricature and is not intended insult any one group


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