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World Time Zone Maps

You count on us to provide the best World time zone maps available.   Note that all time zone maps use a projection which distorts the size of landmasses that are near the poles. But this projection allows for the best depiction of time zones. If it's geographic accuracy you need, look at our wide variety of world maps. If you like, add rails to the top and bottom of this world map during the order entry process and you can hang it on the wall instead of using it as a desk pad Understanding time zones can be confusing since many countries do not implement time zones along  world longitude lines. The time zone becomes more of a political thing than a matter of world longitude. We highly recommend the second and third world time zone map below. We can give you just the right world map based on your time zone. This way you don't have to calculate the time based on GMT. All you have to do is use the time in your time zone and add or subtract a certain number of hours from it. To see a map just click on it. You will see pricing & availability and access our shopping cart system.

Desk pad world time zone map Regular size Desk pad time zone map available with 5 choices of home time zone
Large wall map sized world time zone map Wall sized World Time zone map available with 5 choices of home time zone
Folding world time zone map Laminated folding world time zone map.