Pacific Centered World Map National Geographic also makes this Pacific centered world map. This is just a reprojection of their Classic World Map.  This special map of the world is perfect for demonstrating the political implications of US centered or European centered world maps. And it comes in two sizes as shown below.  See all the other cool World Wall maps we have to offer. The Pacific Centered World Map comes standard as a laminated wall map. This map is also ideal for companies whose primary business is along the Pacific Rim. If you need more detail on islands in the Pacific, we recommend this map of Pacific Islands.  You can add rails to the top and bottom during the order entry process.  For close-ups, see the NG World Classic, it has the same level of detail, Rate this map
ItemID Description   OnHand OnOrder Price  
NGWORLDPAC World Polit Pacific Centered 46x30 2 2 24.99
NGWORLDPACL World Classic Pacific Centered 73x48 2 1 59.95
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pacific centered World wall map

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