Inexpensive World map  If you want a good map at a great price, this is it! Look we know that certain situations dictate that you find something inexpensive. World Maps can be hard enough to find as it is without the added criteria of price. This one's got it all. How did we do it? This map is a result of a printer overrun. We bought up a large quantity just to give our potential customers an alternative. There's nothing wrong with this map. It is completely up-to-date. It is a nice size too. This big world map measures 50 inches wide by 32 inches tall.  The countries of the world are all multi-colored to make seeing and understanding the boundaries  a snap.   Normally, all our world maps come laminated. But to keep this one at a rock bottom price we are offering this map in paper. This is available as a laminated world map. If you chose that option, we can mount walnut-grained rails on the top and bottom to give it a professional appearance when it hangs in your office. However, you can not ask us to mount rails on a paper map. The paper by itself is not strong enough  to support the bottom rail properly. This paper version is only $12.99!  (shipping is 7 bucks because we ship it rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube via FedX Ground)    

                 Do you need some map dots or pins for your map?

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