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US Map for Kids by eeBoo The United States map pictured below has icons to show the key activities in every state in the Union. It also shows every capital city. The multi-colored states help kids visualize each state amd the icons show the featured activity there. The best feature is the included sheet of stickers that will make this map an interactive and fun project. Stickers like "My Grandma lives here" or "I want to go there" will really draw their attention to this map. Rate this map. See other Kids Maps See Matching World Map We like this map so much we made it "Map of the Week" for the week of 2/18 ~ 2/25/14 !!

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0689196111006 Pictorial Map of the U.S. laminated 23.5x35 eeBoo 0689196111006 4 16.99 add this map to your shopping cart

US map by eeBoo

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