wall map home pageNew York City Wall Map . This five borough wall map comes with a comprehensive index book that lists all the streets in alphabetic order..  You can see hospitals, schools, parks, and historic sites. And the clearest depiction of the road network in the business. Another great feature is the zip code information. It's the only New York City Wall Map still in print that shows 5 digit zip code boundaries. When you zoom in on the picture below you can see the zip code boundaries in red. New York City wall maps are becaoming rare indeed. To our knowledge, this is the only New York City Wall Map still in print.  Back to wall maps or  See other cities or See Manhattan or a Long Island Map or See New York State

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UNINY5BORO New York City 5 Boroughs Wall Map 66x67 1   249


The mini-wallmap option.  We have a way to create an inexpensive wall map for you. We take up to 2 paper folding maps from the link below, piece them together  then laminate them into a single map. This will usually allow the full index to be shown.  The whole project usually costs a fraction of the price of a full-blown wall map.  You will usually receive a wall map that is at least 30 by 40 inches and fully laminated. Depending on the configuration of the maps, it could be smaller if map is all on one side.
 Not all the folding maps are the same scale on both sides so the map you receive may not line up perfectly when we piece the two sides together. Usually the maps cover an entire county, but some sparsely populated areas may not be shown.
Since it is a considered a special order, it is not returnable. If that's a concern, please check with us before placing your mini-wall-map order. Ask for Ted Northrup. He is the only contact authorized to give you details about a particular map. If you do have any questions, just call the 800# on this page. But for the price, compared to a standard wall map, it's a great deal! Here is how you make it work... Click on the following link to the folding map to order 2 folding maps in the Shopping Cart. Then order the lamination & piecing option in the shopping cart. It's that simple.