National Geographic World Maps

 There's an old expression in data processing that says, nobody ever got fired for buying IBM. The same is true for National Geographic's World Map series. They have been making maps for over 100 years. The level of clarity and detail is simply unsurpassed by any other map maker.... including us! That is why with only one exception, if National Geo makes a map, we sell theirs. You will find their entire line of maps interspersed on our wall map web site. But if you're true National Geo fan like I am, then you want to see all the world maps they make in one place. Here they are..

What are some of the things that make National Geographic maps special? First and foremost is that their maps are current. They have correspondents around the world and National Geographic's headquarters in Washington often knows about upcoming political changes before the rest of us. Second, by making maps for their magazine for all these years, National Geo has mastered the art of coloring their maps to clearly delineate political boundaries. Third is the placement of text on their wall maps. Did you know that years ago they created their own font? Last, but not least is the quality of paper they upon which they print their wall maps. Its low luster, heavy gauge is unique. Of the thousands of maps we carry at The Map Shop, National Geographic is only company that prints their maps on this quality paper.

We display and categorize their world maps into the following areas...

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Classic National Geographic World Map comes in 3 sizes Decorator map with vivid colors in 2 sizes
  World Wall Maps   Decorator World Map 
  True physical world map using space imaging to enhance the physical features of our planet Executive world map with an antique look, but totally modern and up-to-date mapping
  World Map from Space Executive World Map
  National Geo's Physical map
  Physical World Map

   Click on one of these to see large scale examples of their work.

Let's talk about finishing options. There are a lot of ways to hang a map on the wall. You can put it up like wall paper.  (see the mural maps in the World Wall Map section). You can frame it in a metal frame, The frame helps protect the map but makes it hard to transport. We carry framed maps but we are somewhat reluctant to ship them.  It is difficult to pack them strong enough to survive the shipping companies.... who shall remain nameless. When we ship a framed map, we crate it first!  We like to  laminate the map and connect it through our exclusive system of screws and glues to walnut-grained strips. This is the finishing option we call "rails".  For more information on all the ways we can mount your map, look at our map mounting page. These make the map look elegant and still allow it to be rolled up for transport. You can still mark locations on the map by using sticker dots instead of pins.

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