National Geographic Wall Maps

 Our favorite expression is "Nobody ever got fired for buying a National Geographic Wall Map."  They are the gold standard for decorative and informative maps. They are probably America's oldest mapmakers, also known as cartographers. When Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin got together at Yalta to carve up Europe after World War II, they used a National Geographic wall map. Today they have gone from the world of pen & ink cartography to the most advanced digital map making center in the World.
What makes National Geographic Wall Maps special?
Let's start with the paper. They use only the finest paper in both texture, weight and finish.  Next is the ink. The inks on some maps can smudge and fade. Our experience is that National Geographic maps show less fade than any other map we carry. Of course it takes more than quality materials to make an excellent map. It has to have cartography that clearly depicts the intended geography. Here's what is special about National Geographic cartography.
In world maps, they pioneered the use of the Tripp-Winkel projection. This projection is known for its ability to show a round map on a flat surface with the least distortion. Many maps distort the relative area of continents as they project the globe on to a flat map.  The next famous trait of a National Geographic wall map is the way they show political boundaries. Their wall maps show political boundaries with a unique colored shade around each border. This method allows for a clear delineation of each boundary. (usually different countries or US states) without the heavy coloring across the whole map that can partially obscure important text.
U.S.A. Maps
World maps by National Geographic US wall maps Maps of each continent Maps of major countries map mounting rails
World Maps United States Maps Continent Maps Country maps  
Another advantage that National Geographic Wall Maps have to offer is the wide variety of sizes they come in. Thier Classic and Executive World maps now come in a 2 x 3 foot size which is ideal for buying a pre-made frame. But if that's not big enough, several of their world and US wall maps come in a wall paper / mural size.

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