Map Shop Crating or Why do we go to these great lengths?

We now offer FREE FREIGHT on either mounted or framed maps to the lower 48 states!!
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crate inside We think it's critical for your mounted map to arrive in ready-to-hang condition.  That's why we build heavy wooden framed crates to protect your mounted map during shipping. Once a map is mounted shippers can easily dent or crease it.
 These pictures below show you what you can expect when your framed or Martin-Mounted map arrives. The sturdy wood framed crate is included in the price of the map and Martin mount or map and frame. Here is a simple US map being crated for subsequent shipment. At this stage every crate gets initialed by a manager to make sure the right map is in the crate.
an example of how we crate your mounted map to assure it will arrive in pristine condition Here is the finished crate ready to ship:
As you can see, one end of the create has screws you can remove. That let's you slide your finished, mounted map right out of the end of the crate.
Shipping a mounted or  framed map to you works best when the largest dimension on the map is 52 inches or less. Sizes above that require truck shipment. These can run into hundreds of dollars.
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