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Afghanistan Wall Map

This map comes in two sizes; 36 by 38"  and an enlarged version that is 51 by 54"  It shows cities, rivers, elevation and roads. From the Hindu Kush in the North to the dry lake beds of the south, all the detail and elevation of Afghanistan is there.  Rails on the top and bottom are a great option on both maps. Those can be selected in our shopping cart configurator.

itemID Description Price OnHand Buy
TMSAFGHS Afghanistan Wall Map 36x38 TMSAFGHS $49.95 2
TMSAFGHL Afghanistan Wall Map 51x54 TMSAFGHL $89.95 2 Buy the 2 x 3 foot size
All the cities and towns on the map are indexed to the lat/lon grid shown below (every 2 1/2  degrees) We originally did this as a custom Afghanistan map for WGN in Chicago at the beginning of the Afghan war. They used it in some special broadcasts.
See a Close-up of the Afghanistan Map

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